The Juice Compound's

“Youth Empowerment Systems”

The Character Driven, Level Based, Fitness System! 

A Character Driven Focus

  • Your kids will develop leadership qualities and become Mentally Strong through our Character Development System.
  • You get everything from “House Rules” to Monthly Focuses & Group Chats, to ongoing Leadership Plans.
  • Weekly Training Calls & Monthly Game Plans for your Coaching Staff to Master the Method!
  • 100% Ready to be Implemented in Your Facility Program

Progressive Level Based Goals

  • Kids & Teens need consistent goals to strive for.
  • Our proven Level System helps kids & teens understand exactly how to succeed, and helps keep them in your program for longer.
  • You get every tool available to transform lives with the 100% Done For You Kids Fitness Program.
  • Done for you Programming – Every Month! 
  • Guaranteed to increase retention & motivation, and help guide your kids behaviors.

Developed by the country's top coaches & athletes

  • The ONLY kids & teen program in the country developed by 100% from athletes & coaches from the US Olympic Training Center & trainers of Olympians.
  • Our unique Progressive Level System is approved by Dr’s of Physical Therapy, Nutrition, and Child Psychology/Development Specialists!
  • Parents can rest assured their children are getting the best program to ensure their long term growth.
  • Built on modern sport science principles, proven on the athletic field and in the gym!

So…How does the Youth Empowerment Program work? 

The Juice’s program is taking our run of the mill Kids Fitness program and is turning it it into the best program around!

What’s great is I know we’re the best so signing up new kids is easy and no stress, I’m not worried about parents looking elsewhere I know they’ll come back because the other gyms don’t compare to what we give their kids and the parents know it too.

If you want to have a robust Kids Fitness program – with respectful kids whose lives you are changing for the better and parents appreciate it – then follow The Juice’s “Youth Emowerment Systems” program -, because it works!

My only regret is that I don’t run our adult program the same way!

Gregg Dalton

Owner & Coach, , Dalton's CrossFit

Everything you get in our Online Licensee Site! 

“Youth Empowerment Systems” Coaching Courses & Licensing Program

The ‘Level Based, Character Driven, Fitness System’

With our Youth Empowerment Program, you’ll have our expert coaches teach you to help young athletes: 

  • The Winning Kids Mindset you need for engagement & retention
  • Our House Rules to help focus on developing character & mentality first!
  • Our Level Based Fitness protocols & exactly how to use it in a classes
  • Our Intro & On Boarding Process to effectively bring new members to your growing program
  • Movement Instruction for kids & teens to keep them safe & healthy
  • Kids Physiology & Programming Cycles so they’re always improving
  • How to use our Empowerment Words & tell impactful stories to help your words resonate
  • Call and Response, Grounders, and many more positive teaching methods 
  • Access to our Vault with all instructional & behavioral coaching guides
  • And the exact Level System that Coach Graf uses & our Done-For-You T-Shirt Templates

Check out our Youth Empowerment featured presentation at Wodapalooza! 

A Character Driven Approach to Training

A Level Based Approach to Fitness

Proven Coaching Methods Engage Your Kids

Built for Progress, Motivation, & Retention!

From a coach’s perspective, what I love about our new program is that it focuses on character and it uses an easy to track level system.

This system was developed by coaches that have been World Class Athletes from the Olympic Training Center and developed World Class Athletes.

The results: Kids are focused and coachable, and they are motivated.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking the Lil’ Ninjas, Kids or Varsity.

This is the best program around for non-sport specific development of young athletes.

Ric Thomson

Owner & Coach, , CrossFit PTC

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