Hard to believe that 2018 is nearly 2/3 over…

and for anyone in the game of running an amazing gym, coaches, or athletes, it also means at the core, you’re in the game of 

Coaching or Becoming an AMAZING Coach & making sure Coaches have the skill set any individual needs to be ready to dominate 2019. 

But where do you start? 

I’m a big believer in the ongoing training of coaches, whether they’re

my own on our Juice Compound Coaching crew, 

or coaches we work with in our upcoming Remote Coaching Development Course,

or in the gyms that I work with for Facility Programming. 


So…what’s the Difference???


Staff development for any business is important…but where ‘staff development’ is Zen Planner & the upcoming events schedule…

Ongoing Coaching Development is designed to improve on the skill sets of professional Coaches each & every month, and should be structured for the skill sets that each coach needs to continue to both excel at their careers AND stay ahead of the market’s knowledge. 


For our Facility Programming gyms, each month, we focus on 4 big parts of Coaching Development: 

1. Leadership & Communication – 
this month is learning communication skills from thefamous Dr Robert Cialdini 
of ‘Influence’ & ‘Pre-suasion’ to help coaches interact with your members to reduce 
friction when they give coaching ‘feedback’ 

2. Assessment & Warm Up Protocols:  

Breaking down a great article from ‘Power Athlete’ on each section of a proper warm up & the movement selection & dosage 
that goes with each. 

Coach Needs a Coach: Dynamic Functional Mobility

3. Movement & Exercise Selection Training: 
This month we’re breaking down “The Jefferson Curl” & how it can be used in warm up sections, for training/loading, or correctives + 
movement practice & instruction. 

4. Training Protocols: 

This month we’re breaking down both the Strength–>Speed Continuum, 
as well as the Strength Endurance –> Speed Endurance Continuum
as well as their corresponding rep/set/tempo/& loading ranges



Plus, for the facilities we work with, you get a monthly video overview of how I breaking down each part: 

Ready to Step up Your Game?

This Fall you have 4 ways to work on your Ongoing Coaching & Personal Development with us;


  1. For Kids – Youth Empowerment Systems – learn the Character Driven, Level Based Kids Fitness System –
    1. our next Guided Online Coaching Cert starts Tuesday, October 9
    2. Grab your seat here ==>www.youthempowermentsystems.com
  1. For Gyms – Facility Programming – get the coaching development plan to your gym every month to guide your coaching staff 
    1. Get the Coaching Development Training AND our entire Done-For-You Monthly Programming Packets 
    2. Save 20-30 hours per month here ==>www.juicecompound.com/facility-programming
  2. For Individuals – Individualized Remote Coaching – work with one of our expert coaches [about-us] to help you reach your personal training & performance goals, FASTER & more effectively than on your own & take out the guess work? 
    1. Get a World Class Coach to guide you to your best fitness & performance 
    2. Reach your goals with our 1+1+1 coaching approach here ==> www.juicecompound.com/remote-coaching
  3. For Any Coach – The Remote Coaching Development Course 2.0- Want to learn exactly what it takes to become a Remote Coach writing beautiful programs, and work with us directly to become a great coach? 

*Then message me now see if you can get a spot for the Remote Coaching Development Course that launches the end of September 25 – more on this to come – tim@juicecompound.com 





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