Lets get right to it…

Did the change of the 2019 CrossFit Games™ season crumble your hopes and dreams?

Are you lost on what do with training?

Almost EVERYONE who has participated in CrossFit™ has done some form of ‘competitors’ training in hopes to be ready by February for the Open and (possibly, hopefully) beyond. The format of the CrossFit Season allows for any and everyone to participate.

While the changes still allow that, more and more people are starting to realize advancing to the next stage is highly unlikely and requires massive structural changes to your lifestyle. 

But guess what – I am here to tell you that that is absolutely OKAY!

Here’s why there’s actually MORE ahead for you…

1. First off, training for the sport is just that, training for a sport. The day and age of CF as a hobby (even for the Open) was gone years ago. The simplest way to put it – is Lebron James working a 9-5 job, picking the kids up from school, going to school, coaching classes, etc etc? No. Why? He’s a FULL TIME PROFESSIONAL & his lifestyle is structured as such. The amount of time he is able to spend on recovery is greater than most adults have free! This is true for most Elites in the sport now. 

So, you have a life outside of CF as a ‘Sport’ and felt guilty? It’s OKAY to find a new love of training, and new space to grow with your training.

2. The INTENSITY demands of training for most are unsustainable for most, based on the lifestyle factors we just spoke about that support our recovery. If you have ever read anything I have wrote or heard me speak about training, you know where I sit from an intensity standpoint. But let me put it simply here; Training for the sport requires high amounts of intensity and volume.  High amounts of intensity & volume are predicated on you being able to recover from that to come back stronger & NOT just have a hard workout. Nothing wrong with hard workouts – but that is only 1 piece of a huge puzzle. 

But again, if your personal life doesn’t allow or align for you to have high intensity training, why do it at all? Yes, there are some psychological benefits from a fast paced workout, however, this is different than having to ‘compete’, as well having the space to balance priorities in life. If this is the case, it makes zero sense to beat yourself down in the gym for no reason.

It’s OKAY to find a new love of training with new purpose. 

3. Lastly, sustainability! Now this is the point I feel is most important for most people who felt like they had their arm twisted into ‘competing’. Training for competitive Sport is NOT generally sustainable way of fitness – and yes, this is different than sport ‘participation’.

When was the last time an NFL player played football for a lifetime? Or the last time an NBA player was able to play competitively until they were 65? Never, thats when. The sport of CF is no different. The mental and physical demands of most sports are hard to sustain for a lifetime, and the professional athletes that do are as tough as any athlete we’ve seen.

The plus side of CrossFit? Fitness CAN be done for a lifetime, just not like a sport. So again, it’s OKAY to find a new love of training, inside the same parts of training that you’ve loved. It’s not a step backwards – more lays ahead if you allow yourself the space to look for it. 

So, if the new format of the season has you guessing or wondering what’s next, don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to still enjoy fitness, challenge yourself daily, and make amazing long term progress that aligns with . The best part? With some slight changes you can still increase performance, look better, feel better, move better all without the beat downs that come with Sport training.

More lays ahead for you. More progress, more fun, more alignment in your training purpose. Here’s what do to next:

Interested in finding out what a new path forward might look like for you? Schedule a 30 minute discovery call with Coach Ryan Rivera today – ryan@juicecompound.com & he’ll map out a sustainable approach to long term progress in your fitness!



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