Welcome to the Structured Visualization Training Page! 

‘Structured Visualization’ is the premier sport specific mental imagery training tool for combat sports. If you’ve made it to this page, that means you’re looking to compete at your best, or to find tools that help others unlock their full potential. 

Coaches have seen too many times an athlete who is physically prepared go out to the ring & get beat by someone they ‘shouldn’t have’. While in some cases that’s physical – as you progress in ability, it rarely is. It’s almost always a mental error that costs you what is rightfully yours. 

But this problem is never really solved. The only mental tools available are closer to self-help approaches than performance training. If an athlete’s problem is they don’t believe in themselves, that’s an issue that absolutely should be addressed, that that issue sits at the top of the Performance Funnel [identifying your What & Why/your passion], not the bottom of the Performance Funnel [your True Test]. 

The Structured Visualization Training Tracks is designed by my father, Dr Misha Thackrey – a Clinical Psychologist & Professor of Psychology, and myself [Tim Thackrey]. It started in 2002 when I was at the US Olympic Training Center trying to finally medal internationally – and eventually helped me medal at nearly every international competition over a 5 year period.

Since then we’ve used it around the world – both with our novice athletes as well as our Olympians in the build up to Rio.

It’s battle tested. It’s ready for you to use today. And it’s 100% free [click the links below]

Your steps: 

  1. Listen to Track 1: The Instructional Track. This will include exactly how to get the most out of this tool, the difference between general positive thinking/visualization and Sport Specific, Structured Visualization. There is no comparison between the two. 
  2. Find the right tracks for you. There are 3x2 minute round & 3x90 second round [for senior & junior matches], each with loud/hostile crowd noise, and quite/early crowd noise. Each is its own skill to handle & perform at your best with. 
  3. Try to make it an entire match without 1 mental break or lapse – it’s MUCH harder than you think…and may be an insight into areas you want to address in your training. 
  4. Share this training tool with others. It’s been such an impactful process in our own careers that we want to make sure that as many athletes can get the benefits as possible. Spread the love! 
  5. Give us feedback – we’re currently building out the other parts for this – training guides & plans, training logs, video instructionals, etc – but we’ve done our time with it – now it’s your time to succeed. How can we help? Post to Facebook & tag us, or email us directly at tim@juicecompound.com

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