Facility Programming +

Coaching Development +

Retention Tools


More Members Staying in your Gym 


The Gym Vault Way = 

  • Done For You “Goal Based’ Programming designed to help your members reach the goals they came in for & beyond
  • Coaching Development + Daily & Monthly Video Time-Blocked Lesson Plans for the best classes every time
  • & Retention Tools to help keep more people in your gym…for longer! 

Yeah, it’s what we do!

The Juice Compound’s “The Gym Vault” Facility Programming + Retention
delivers World Class Programming & Coaching designed to:
  • increase retention in your facility
  • help your members achieve long term, sustainable success and PR’s
  • leaving you, with more time to actually work ON your business!

Our experienced Coaching Team has the tools to help set YOUR box apart:

  • We’ve run our own successful facilities [CrossFit Gyms, Strength & Conditioning Facilities]
  • Resident Athletes from the US Olympic Training Center, training under the worlds top coaches
  • Consulted Hundreds of boxes, gyms, & training facilities around the world
  • Presented at the biggest Competitions [The Granite Games, Wodapalooza, Olympic Training Center, etc]
  • Working with thousands of athletes creating, CrossFit Regionals & CrossFit Games Athletes [Teams & Individuals], Olympians, & World Champions
  • Syncs directly into SugarWOD from the SugarWOD Marketplace
  • Help every day people continue to reach the goals that matter MOST to them! 

How ‘The Gym Vault’ Facility Programming + Retention works: 

Thanks for the programming! Feeling stronger than ever, and I owe it to your programming!

It’s been a life-saver right now at the box while I build my team. Thank you! Darren Taylor

Owner, , CrossFit DUMBO - Brooklyn, NY

But…why should YOU have your programming done for you?

+ Facility Owners & Managers Need:

  • 100% Done-4-You Programming. Every month, you get a fully laid out plan for you & your coaching staff so the entire team is ready to go.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Cycle Video Overview: No more guessing about the intent of the workout, or how to tailor it to various individuals in your gym. You get Video Lesson Plans along with cycle overview videos to help give your Coaches exactly what they need to run successful classes.
  • Time Saved: 10-20 hours of programming per month PLUS having your entire team on the same page or 10-20 additional hours of actually hands on coaching & guiding your members? One of those has a much bigger ROI for you [hint, it’s your coaching!].
  • Time to invest. To find time to properly devote to this important aspect of your gym…AND then use it to build your dream business!
  • Ongoing Coaching Development to stay AHEAD of the market! Every month you’ll get daily, weekly, & monthly coaching videos with our lesson plans AND our Monthly Coaching Development Course. 
  • New Gym & Coach Onboarding Training Systems: “The Playbook” is designed to get your entire staff up to speed while you keep the more of your time helping grow your gym!

+ ‘The Gym Vault’ Facility Programming + Retention Provides:

  • Our 3 Tiered ‘Goal Based’ Program Design. We know that not everyone in your gym has the exact same goal…we’ve created 3 Goal Based Programming tracks [Fitness/Functional, Performance, and Sport] that all flow together in class, while meeting the needs of these different groups!
  • Sustainability. Systematically and scientifically design a program to help your members stay with you the longest, and make the most sustainable gains!
  • Pre-Class Competition Training & Accessory Training:  Competition programming is added in to help your athletes looking to compete at higher levels, while also flowing seamlessly with your group classes. Add in accessory work designed for all levels & you’re now keeping your advanced members ENGAGED in your program & not wandering off!
  • Proof. Proper amount of testing/re-testing for each level and ability. Clearly defined testing & training cycles, as well as in-cycle testing to help make sure that your members get the right combination of long term growth plus a full PR Board!
  • Support .Private online support, FB Coaching Group for you AND your Coaches, email support, and emergency phone support as needed. 

+Gym Owners & Coaches Get: 

  1. Completely Done-For-You Monthly Programming based on your gym’s unique needs, uploaded directly to SugarWOD! 
  2. Video Coaching Lesson Plans, Class Breakdowns, and Cycle Overviews for each ability & Class Level, as well as class time management & Time-Blocked PDF Lesson Plans. 
  3. Done for You Warm Ups, Pre-Class Competition Training, and Accessory & Cool Down training – all designed to fit together!
  4. Monthly & Weekly Video Programming Overview so your coaches always know how to explain the path moving forward to your members.
  5. Testing & Training Cycles designed to exclusively for your members success!
  6. Results! You’ll set your box & coaching staff apart…and look like the Hero you are!
  7. Time! Use our online coaching & retention tools, sync with SugarWOD, stream the training directly to your website, Gym TV, and member’s mobile phone app! 

+Your Clients Get

  • Goal Based Training for their needs & ability
  • Innovative Training Progressions & Testing to keep them engaged & seeing progress
  • A well explained and detailed program & coaching videos to eliminate guesswork or miscommunication
  • And ongoing results that your members came to get in the first place!


+ Add that all up…and you have =

  • No More Guesswork…know exactly how you’re going to help your clients reach the next level!
  • One of a Kind Programming that sets you apart from everyone else.
  • Extra Time! The most valuable tool a gym owner or manager can have…
  • RETENTION! Spend less time chasing them down & more time building them up for the long haul!

…And the energy you need to spend actually BUILDING a business that you can be proud of.

Weekly & Monthly Video Overviews for your Coaches!

Daily Video Lesson Plans & Time Blocking!



“Hey gang, Tim Thackrey here, founder of the Juice Athlete Compound and ‘The Gym Vault’ Facility Programming.10382589_10100904144708679_4329667740997892621_o

I’ve had the chance to have some really great athletic experiences that now I get to share gyms and athletes everywhere.

From the years I lived at the Olympic Training Center, to competing around the globe,  winning the Pan American Games, running a successful CrossFit affiliate, consulting hundreds of boxes, to training Elite Level Athletes all around the world – I’ve gotten to see what it takes first hand to develop happy, healthy people of all ages & abilities & keep them coming back for more.

I’ve been fortunate to work with literally hundreds of facilities and coaches to improve their coaching, programming, and results. 

Now I’m excited to bring these solutions to you with our done-for-you ‘The Gym Vault’ Facility Programming + Retention.

Whether you need a little help, or a lot, we’re all excited to guide you & your gym to the top and keep more members in your doors!”

‘The Gym Vault’ Facility Programming has been a life-saver! Not only has it allowed me to put my time and energy into other aspects of the business that include driving new members in our door, team development and retention but it has also has allowed me to spend more time doing what I LOVE…. Coaching!

Not to mention the amazing results we are seeing with our members… PR board is full every month! It’s a win-win. More time to do what I love plus getting our members superior results. The return on my investment makes my decision a no-brainer. Jackie Jensen

Owner, CrossFit STMA

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