What a week – we had an amazing time at The Granite Games with about a dozen of our athletes competing, including Male Pros, Male Team, and Female Pro Haley Murillo who earned a hard fought 2nd place overall with a Full Send for an event win on the last workout! special shout outs to everyone who gave their “Full Effort” & “ate bees” all weekend!

Even while we were in Minnesota, there’s always time to keep stepping up our knowledge game and bringing YOU the best of each weeks training articles that we’ve either read or written.

We’ve also received a HUGE response to the kick off of our Program Design & Remote Coaching Development 2.0 Course – so we’ve updated the application process to make sure that if you’re ready to put in hard work, that you’ll get in. Full details at the bottom.

On Training – 9.16.2018

1. Stages of Athletic & Social Development in Young Athletes
“The needs of development of young athletes have many parallels to their psycho-social development needs. You wouldn’t have a 12 year old choose their major, would you?” – Coach Tim Thackrey

2. Grooming the Talented Athlete 
“A quick look into the journey between coach and talented athlete, things to pay attention to, things to watch out for, from one of weightliftings very best, Bob Takano.” – Coach Josh Bernstein

3. Building an Engine
“Breaking down the definition of an ‘Engine’ then helps to explain 3 different ways athletes may be lacking in that department. He then explains the different approaches that coaches should take for each specific scenario and points out the disparities in prescription.” – Coach Joshua Murillo

4. Science Behind Muscle Growth
“Muscle growth and the science behind it – Why proper movement may go farther than you think.” – Coach Ryan Rivera

5. ​​
Emotion and Execution In Sport
“While highly complex, the notion that athletes need to display emotion could be dampening performance; causing errors in judgement; and perhaps raising arousal levels beyond what is actually optimal for their particular sport.” – Coach Dustin Lebel

Program Design & Remote Coaching Development 2.0 Course Deets –> 

Interested in diving deep behind the surface of ‘On Training’ with us & greatly increasing your coaching arsenal?

Then throw your hat in the ring for our Program Design & Remote Coaching Development Course 2.0 – applications are live for 7 more days [through Sun, Sept 23] – to apply email tim@juicecompound.com ASAP.

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