Do you currently work with kids? 

Do you want to have a bigger impact in their lives? 

Do you want to learn the exact method we use to help run some of the largest Kids Fitness Programs, for both CrossFit & Martial Art Schools, in the country with our Youth Empowerment Systems Program

Then you cannot afford to miss our final Youth Empowerment Systems Coaching Certificate Course of 2017!

Join us this October 6-8 in Miami, FL at Coach Antony Graf’s ‘Threshold Kids’ Facility and learn, watch, and get hands on coaching from 

Coach Antony Graf, Dr Jason Han, and Coach Tim Thackrey. 

What You’ll Learn:

Attendees at the Fall 2017 Youth Empowerment Systems Coaching Certificate Course will get hands on instruction from the Juice Compound Coaches in our 

Character Driven, Level Based, Fitness System. 

You’ll learn:

  • The Winning Kids Mindset you need for engagement & retention
  • Our House Rules to help focus on developing character & mentality first!
  • Our Level Based Fitness protocols & exactly how to use it in a classes
  • Our Intro & On Boarding Process to effectively bring new members to your growing program
  • Movement Instruction for kids & teens to keep them safe & healthy
  • Kids Physiology & Programming Cycles so they’re always improving
  • How to use our Empowerment Words & tell impactful stories to help your words resonate
  • Call and Response, Grounders, and many more positive teaching methods 
  • Access to our Vault with all instructional & behavioral coaching guides
  • And the exact Level System that Coach Graf uses & our Done-For-You T-Shirt Templates


Early Registration opens up this coming Monday, August 7

Check out our last Certification in Miami for yourself!



Get 24 hour early access to get your spot, save $, and become the leader that our future needs! 

Get 24 Hour Early Access HERE!

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