The Juice Compound's
Facility Programming +

Coaching Development
& Retention Tools



Done-For-You Facility Programming, Coaching Development, & Member Retention

Reduce Churn,
save hours each week,
have prepared coaches,
and get the tools you need
to retain your broad member base.!


Your Coaches Get:

Your Clients Get:

  1. Completely Done-For-You Monthly Goal-Based Programming all synced together in SugarWOD

  2. Daily Video Coaching Lesson Plans, Class Breakdowns, and Cycle Overviews for each ability & Class Level, as well as class time management & Time Blocked PDF Lesson Plans.

  3. Done for You Warm Ups, Pre-Class Competition Training, and Accessory & Cool Down training – all designed to fit together!

  4. Monthly & Weekly Video Programming Overview so your coaches always know how to explain the path moving forward to your members.

  5. Testing & Training Cycles designed to help your members see their progress & stay with you longer!

  6. Immediate access to 'The Playbook' new gym & coach on-boarding course to get your entire team on the same page

  7. Results! You look like a hero, and you set your box apart.

  1. Goal Based Training for their needs & abilities

  2. Innovative Training Progressions & Testing to keep them engaged & seeing progress

  3. A well explained and detailed program, so you have no more guesswork or miscommunication

  4. And the ongoing results your members came to get in the first place!

Add that all up…and you have:

  1. No More Guesswork…know exactly how you’re going to help your clients reach the next level!

  2. One of a Kind Programming that sets you apart from everyone else.

  3. Extra Time! The most valuable tool a gym owner or manager can have…

  4. And Members that Stay for LONGER #retention

Save 20-40 Hours Per Month, Reduce Churn,

and Keep Your Members LONGER!


Secret ONE
Goal Based Programming


As your gym grows, so do the reasons people come to train with you and the results they are looking for.

By having 3 'Goal Based' training tracks that all fit seamlessly inside 1 group training session, you can ensure that your members always have the right training they need for their 'real' goals.

Each Goal-Based Program syncs effortlessly from the SugarWOD marketplace & right into your clients phone and your website!

Secret TWO
Daily Coaching Video & Lesson Plans


Make sure nothing gets lost in translation, and your coaches have the tools to deliver world-class training sessions ever day!

You get Daily Time-Blocked Lesson Plans that sync with my daily video lesson plan breakdowns to make every day an unforgettable training experience.

From Ice-Breakers, to Warm Ups, to Skill Development, Functional Body Building, Strength, Conditioning, and Balanced Energy System Training...

Your Coaches will be able to enroll your members in how your training sets you apart from your competitors.

Secret THREE
Retention! Retention! Retention!


Stop spending hours & hours each month having to sell new people on your program.

With our Coaching Development Videos & Training Courses your staff will have the tools they need to give your members the best training classes possible...

and reduce your churn from over 10% per month to less than 1% and keep more people in your doors!


What Our Gyms Have To Say...

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Coach Tim Thackery

Head Coach & Programmer, The Juice Athlete Compound


I spent my 20's living at the Olympic Training Center & traveling the world competing.
I spent my early 30's running my own gym & having it grow like crazy - producing Olympians & Games athletes.
When I opened my first gym, I grew because I had developed amazing coaches, and have every class be consistently amazing.
I have tested this exact process by consulting & working with 100's of gyms around the globe.
Now I'm helping Keep MORE People in your gyms with Facility Programming & Retention Tools.

I'm ready to retain more members! 

Get ready to upgrade your box & check out sample programming, videos, & retention tools!