Your 5 Step Guide to Crushing Your Training From Home!

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2020

A 5 Step Guide To Crushing Your Training From Home

Training from home can be a big change for a lot of us. That doesn’t mean, however, that all your goals you have been working so hard for just go out of the window. Let’s take a second and go through a few ways we can stay on track and even thrive in a new fitness environment.


  1. Continue to talk with your coach and your community. Stay in touch and stay connected. Continue to be the light in your community and encourage others to do the same. This is a great time to get advice on how to work with what equipment you do have at home from a coach. If you have extra equipment, ask if others may need some. If you don’t have any equipment ask if others may have some to share. Remember, we are still all in this together, even from a distance!

2. Designate a workout area... your ‘home gym’. The size or place doesn’t matter. If you already have a home gym, awesome. If not, then a corner of the living room or bedroom or a yoga mat outside is perfect! It’s the commitment that matters. The commitment to yourself - to making this your space. Your physical sanctuary. A place that work and other distractions don’t make their way into. Working out in the same space, just like the gym, creates that mindset of focus and drive. So when it is time to workout, this is the place that you go to get after it! 

3. Set your routine & priorities. Now that you have your home gym set up and your community is still thriving, set your routine (with-in reason, this is a unique time for a lot of people so your day to day routine may need to be adjusted to accommodate). Start with the non-negotiables - the things that stay in your life no matter what. These are things like daily movement, family and social connection, proper nutrition, and daily sunshine. Put the same amount of respect on your home gym time that you do regularly at your box. Netflix isn’t going in the background of your WODs you don’t stop mid workout to check your email or text messages. When you’re at the gym, be at the gym. If you can or need to, set a non-negotiable time that you will workout every day. 

4. Get dressed for your workouts. Giving your workouts and yourself the respect they deserve from home has a lot to do with your mindset. A great way to differentiate your work space from your fitness space (especially if they are now a bit closer) is to dress differently. Your workout clothes put you in the mindset of working out, and they take you out of the mindset of everything else. A lot of times it’s the details that make the biggest impact.

5. Get social! Sharing your workouts is a great way not only to keep yourself accountable to your community but also encourage and inspire others to do the same. Whether that is live streaming burpees, posting a sweaty post-workout selfie, or calling people out, it all helps continue to build and grow your community. Being all in this together and keeping that community strong will not only help you stay on track with your goals but also help your community and your gym continue to thrive!


Stay connected, keep moving, and focus on taking one step at a time. None of this needs to be or should be perfect for you to continue to crush your goals. A strong mindset is everything, strong people love and embrace new challenges because they know that it can only make them better! 


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