The King. The Holy Grail. The Back Squat. If you’ve been training with barbells for any length of time, you’ve no doubt spent countless hours thinking about how you can add another 5, 10, 20…heck…50 pounds on the bar & stand it up in front of your friends.


Luckily for you, I’ve put together my 5 proven ways to PR your back squat in this Free Guide.

In advance, you’re welcome.


  1. Gain a minimum 20# of bodyweight.

It’s true; mass moves mass. Who cares if that is totally antithetical to the reasons you started fitness training, you will PR. 20# is a good starting point, but imagine the PR you set if you gain 50-100# of bodyweight? Plus you don’t have to spend any more money on cool clothes for the beach.


  1. All the Gear!

The problem isn’t your training…it’s that you don’t have enough gear. Sure you’ve got the requisite pieces; your Romaleos, knee sleeves, and belt. But chances are you’re missing goggles, headband, wrist straps, squat suit, ankle wraps, and enough chalk to make it to the credits of Narcos Season 3.


Trust me…my proven way to PR your squat #2 is more gear. Also Bill Henninger needs a new boat and it would be great if you could chip in.

  1. Follow a Games Athlete’s online programming.

It couldn’t possibly matter that they have built up an ability to handle more volume in a day than most could or should in a week, or the fact that the 150+ Muscle Ups in a session and have Wolverine shoulders [because you should just break it up to keep moving…], or their ability to turn high contraction movements into aerobic pieces with much less effect on their CNS – they’re the cool kids & you got an invite to their party.

Plus you’ll get to wear purple socks.

  1. Max out every day.

You don’t need balance to your training. Making simultaneous strength gains and improving your energy systems, as well as skill & structural work is a myth…right? You just need to squat to a max everyday, forget everything you never learned about supercompensation, it’s clearly time to #livesore.

Worked for this 1% man. What could go wrong?

  1. Individualized & progressive program design. Beginning with a 1 on 1 talk & assessment with a knowledgeable coach to analyze your specific starting point, identifying limiting factors that have held you back in the past, working on upgrading lifestyle factors, fueling, appropriate amounts of stress & recovery, then creating and reviewing a game-plan that is progressive…and designed just for you.

This one has worked as well.

Interested in seeing how an individualized approach to reaching your performance goals WHILE maintaining balanced & improving fitness? Then check out how Remote Coaching & Individualized Program Design has worked for hundreds of athletes we’ve worked with around the world.

Or contact us directly, below & let’s build the PR’s to last!



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