Because Daniel LaRusso needed his Mr Miyagi

Individualized Program Design

  • Custom Designed Training Plans
  • From Athletes & Coaches from the US Olympic Training Center
  • OPEX Level 1 Associate Coaches, CSCS, USAW, CrossFit & more.
  • Your Needs, Your Ability, Your Goals!

We work with FitBot’s technology to:

  • Have your workouts emailed to you everyday, automatically
  • Shows You Videos with EVERY exercise your training requires
  • Easily Record Training & Communicate with Your Coach
  • Upload Videos for Custom Feedback

Our Progressive Method:

  • Starts off wherever you’re currently at with your testing cycle
  • Is based on your assessment & injury history
  • Systematically improves training when the results show you’re ready
  • Provides full support, feedback, & constant communication

“The Juice Athlete Compound has changed my approach to training & competing from head to toe.

After years on the US National Team, I’m still progressing – and coaches around the world have commented about the improvements they see!”

Stephen Lambdin

2016 US Olympic Team, US Olympic Team

Experience the difference of World Class Coaching 

Here’s just a glimpse at everything you’ll get!

You Get Training That Is:

  • Designed 100% for You & Your Goals
  • Written & Guided by Our Expert Coaches
  • Progressive Each Week – Not Random
  • Video Instruction with Each Training Movement
  • Daily & Weekly Feedback, Email Support, & Video Analysis
  • Access to Our Private Facebook Remote Coaching Group
  • Monthly Webinars & Coaching Calls
  • Custom Competition Peaking Strategies & Timing
  • Our Remote Coaching Education & Knowledge Series
  • & All the Cutting Edge Tools That Our Experts Invent!

Take your Training to the Next Level

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