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Knowledge, Habits, and Step by Step Guidance to make lasting changes. 

No Crash Diet. You Deserve Real Coaching!

Habit Based Nutrition

  • Get the habits you need to get in shape to last a lifetime
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly skill building lessons, habits, & practices automatically delivered
  • Start where you are, learn how steady improvement can reach your goals
  • One full year of access to make sure you get there!

A Proven System

  • Tested & used by over 45,000 people worldwide
  • Proven, scientifically based data & results
  • Lasting changes
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Get the best habit-based nutrition & lifestyle coaching now matter where you live
  • Our expert guidance will make sure you get there
  • Daily, Weekly, & Monthly skills & tasks to consistently improve

So - How Does Juice Compound 'ProCoach' Work? What's Included?

Find out the exactly how Juice Compound ProCoach is going to help you reach your goals!

Hi, I’m Tim Thackrey, the founder of the Juice Athlete Compound. Along with my partners, Dr Jason Han & Coach Antony Graf, we’ve each spent the last 20 years traveling the world & getting to work with athletes & coaches of all levels…

…some people were incredibly successful, while others seemed to always hold themselves back from their full potential.

And it got us asking – why does this happen?

In our experience, individuals who succeed have 3 huge tools in their arsenal.

  1. They have a proven plan the can trust
  2. They have the proper habits to carry out that plan
  3. The get ongoing guidance & feedback along the way

Some people believe that this lies in having a stronger will, but we’ve come to understand that you have to have the right habits to support your will – otherwise you’ll fall short.

It would be like if I asked you to lift 500 pounds, and you’re only capable of 100 pounds…

Try as you might…it’s just not going to work.

Presenting Juice Compound Nutrition ProCoach System

The Juice Compound ProCoach System our online nutrition, health, and lifestyle system designed to help for anyone who is tired of crash dieting, has been burned by unproven systems, or is ready to finally make a lasting change to their health, fitness, & nutrition!

So if you’re someone who is: 

  • Just getting started
  • Trying to get back on track
  • Getting ready for your big competition
  • Or trying to find a solution that actually works…

The Juice Compound Nutrition ProCoach will work for you! 

How can we so confidently say that???

It’s because ProCoach focuses first on habits & sustainability, then on the prescription. After working with thousands of athletes all over the world, both in-person and remotely, we know that accountability & daily progress is what separates the good from the great…

It’s what separates those who reach their goals…from those who unfortunately do not. Plus we back this up with a 100% money back guarantee [even though we’ve never had anyone ask to use it].

With the Juice Compound ProCoach, you’ll get: 

  • One year of our day by day curriculum, including videos, tasks, and check ins
  • Weekly & Monthly habits to learn, and skills to develop [like how to meal prep for example!]
  • Access to our private Juice Compound ProCoach Group
  • Monthly check-in call to answer any questions & help guide your progress
  • Ability to qualify for Individual Fueling, Macronutrient Planning, Individual Program Design, & More!

You need a Proven System!

Everything has been designed, tested, & scientifically proven to give you lasting results, results you can trust that you have a proven process – and we back it up with our 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not in your best shape after 12 months – we’ll refund your investment!

So – How Do You Get In? Who Can Apply? 

For the first time ever, we’re opening Juice Compound ProCoach to individuals who want to work with us on their habits & nutrition anywhere in the world.

While we’re currently not accepting new enrollments, we will be opening up our program again in the next few weeks!

When we open again, we’re limiting the additional spaces to just 20 motivated individuals. 

The Juice Athlete Compound ‘Pro-Coach’ program has sold out every time we’ve opened it.  

It should almost go without saying, that we expect these 20 seats to be gone within the first hour…but hey, I want to make sure you have ever advantage of getting in on our first group & getting the habits, nutrition, & knowledge you need to unlock your full potential.

The Juice Compound ProCoach is amazing!

The coaching and the curriculum have helped me develop the best habits for fueling my optimal performance, and sustained competitive success.

Stephen Lambdin

2016 US Olympian, USA Olympic Team

12 month Nutrition Pro-Coach

12 payments, paid monthly via EFT
  • Our Most Popular Option – get started on your 12 month program today! 
  • Pro-Coach “Quick Start” Guide to get you on track ASAP
  • Monthly Webinars to answer your questions
  • Private FB Support Group so you’re not going it alone
  • Self-paced program to fit your busy schedule & get you results! 
  • The Juice Compound’s expert coaches to guide you along the way

We are weeks away from our Next "Pro-Coach" Launch...Get on our Pre-Sale list today!

Juice Compound Pro-Coach Nutrition

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